Islamic Front Rebels Seize Damascus Suburb From Moderate Rivals

Strategic Suburb of Douma Falls to Islamic Front Fighters

The Islamic Front faction Jaish al-Islam has successfully captured the strategically important Damascus suburb of Douma today after a protracted fight with the moderate umbrella group the Army of the Nation.

The Army of the Nation group holds only a small amount of territory around metro Damascus, and was the product of a merger of 10 different moderate rebel groups back in September.

Douma is a hugely valuable piece of land, because it connects Damascus to the highway that leads to the central city of Homs. Jaish al-Islam had been growing its presence in Douma for months.

The capture of Douma may allow Jaish al-Islam, and the Islamic Front in general, to reestablish itself as a top player in a Syrian rebellion which in recent months has become dominated by ISIS.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of