ISIS Fighters Kill 14 Soldiers in Southern Libya

Group Looks to Expand Beyond Its Coastal Territory

ISIS affiliates in Libya have launched an attack on government soldiers in southern Libya, according to government officials, who say 14 soldiers were slain in the incident.

The incident is the first time the ISIS affiliate, which signed on back in October, has looked to operate much outside of their territory in Derna, along the eastern coast.

Initially called Jaish al-Islam (not related to the Syrian group of the same name), the Derna faction pledged loyalty to the ISIS Caliphate in late October, declaring its territory an emirate under the ISIS flag.

Since then, they’ve set up a training camp and tried to use the name recognition of ISIS to recruit, hoping to expand their territory. Today’s incident may reflect that working well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of