North Korea Blames US as Internet, Mobile Network Knocked Out

White House Remains Silent on Attacks

North Korean officials said they believe that the US government is responsible for repeated attacks against their infrastructure, which once again knocked out the nation’s Internet access today.

It’s the fourth time North Korea’s Internet service has gone done this week, and coming immediately after President Obama threatened “retaliation” against North Korea for the Sony hack, that’s seen as at least a possibility.

The White House continues to be deliberately coy on the matter, refusing to either confirm or deny that they are the ones knocking down North Korea’s Internet. Today, North Korea’s mobile network was also knocked out, so whoever is doing it seems to be escalating the attacks.

North Korea is being very clear, by contrast, insisting they had nothing to do with the group that hacked Sony Pictures, and condemning them for threatening attacks on movie theaters.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of