Army Cancels Gitmo Hearing on FBI Infiltration

Officials Give No Reason for Last Minute Cancellation

The US Army today announced that it has cancelled the two-day pretrial hearing at Guantanamo Bay related to FBI infiltration of the defense teams for detainees. They provided no reason for the cancellation.

The hearing was to examine the extent to which the FBI had infiltrated the defense teams of five different detainees, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

In April, one of the security contractors working for Mohammed’s defense team revealed that he had been pressured to sign an agreement with FBI to keep them informed on the inner workings of the defense.

Army Judge Col. James Pohl shrugged off the news, saying there was “no conflict of interest” related to the FBI infiltration. The new hearing was supposed to explore what other efforts the FBI had launched, but now it seems that won’t happen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of