British Troops in Iraq Killing ISIS Fighters Daily

Special Forces Ordered to Take No Prisoners

Initially sent to Iraq with the idea of trying to capture British members of ISIS, the SAS Special Forces are now revealed to be on a “kill only” mission, and are being told not to take any prisoners.

The SAS troops, fighting on quadricycles, are killing several ISIS fighters daily, and claim to have killed some 200 fighters over the past four weeks. How many are British nationals is unclear.

SAS sources say they’ve been told to wipe ISIS off the map, and that “we don’t want to bring them back to the UK to stand trial,” adding “they can die in the dirt in Iraq.”

British officials had previous made much of their intention to arrest British nationals who went overseas to join ISIS. The shift toward summary killings, explicitly to avoid a trial, may prove controversial.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of