Coalition Airstrikes Kill Seven Civilians Wound 27 in Western Iraq

Missiles Hit Crowded Marketplace

A warplane from an unspecified member of the US anti-ISIS coalition fired a pair of missiles at the Iraqi city of al-Qaim, along the border with Syria today, hitting a crowded marketplace.

Qaim is in the ISIS-held portion of the Anbar Province, but the indications are that no ISIS fighters were in the vicinity of the attack. Rather, seven civilians were killed and 27 others wounded.

So far, coalition airstrikes around al-Qaim have been predominantly US planes, though Canadian and British planes have been involved in recent days as well, and cannot be ruled out as the culprits.

The US has insisted that their rules against killing civilians in airstrikes do not apply to ISIS-held territory in Iraq and Syria. There have been multiple incidents of civilian casualties in the Anbar Province since the US began its air war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of