Mayor: Thousands of Londoners Being Monitored as Terror ‘Suspects’

Claims Hundreds of Londoners in ISIS

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, London Mayor Boris Johnson said the British security services are monitoring “in the low thousands of people” within London on suspicion of being terrorists.

Johnson sought to hype the security services’ vigilance, saying that there are “thousands of operations” every single day, and that residents should be “very very concerned” about ISIS

According to Johnson, the British government believes that “a third, maybe more – maybe half” of the 500-600 estimated British members of ISIS are Londoners, and that they will eventually return to the city.

Scotland Yard was reporting thousands of Britons monitored nationwide as far back as 2006, and Johnson’s comments suggest the surveillance of “suspects” is at least as broad as it was then.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of