Pentagon: ISIS Will Adapt to Airstrikes in Syria

War Depends on 'Competent Partners' on the Ground

Six weeks of US airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq didn’t amount to much of a change on the ground, as ISIS quickly adapted and stopped leaving expensive vehicles out in the open where they could get bombed.

Today, the Pentagon has warned that the airstrikes in Syria are going to end up the exact same way, with ISIS expected to quickly change tactics and adapt, making it more difficult to pick out targets.

What damage the strikes have done, Pentagon officials say ISIS will easily rebound from, and picking future targets will require “competent partners” on the ground to spot.

That the US doesn’t have particularly competent partners is western Iraq, let alone in ISIS-held Syria, doesn’t seem to be impacting their ambitions for a long and ever-expanding war. This suggests that despite Pentagon promises to try to limit civilian casualties in the air war, there is little reason for American pilots to have any real clue who they’re dropping bombs on.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of