Report: US Provides ISIS Intelligence to Syria

Ruling Out Coordination, US Still Funneling Info to Assad

The Obama Administration has made much of its unwillingness to coordinate its planned attacks on ISIS in Syria with the Syrian government. That does not appear to extend, however, to intelligence sharing.

Syrian media reports continued provision of targeting intelligence to the Assad government, primarily centered on where the US believes the ISIS leadership to be located at any given time.

The reports are similar to those coming out of Germany last month, which confirmed that Germany’s BND is being used as an intermediary for the intelligence sharing, since the US doesn’t have any formal contact with Assad.

The administration doesn’t want to be seen as cooperating with Syria against ISIS, even though they are, and has been publicly threatening Assad not to interfere with its planned attacks on ISIS, though it seems like privately, the coordination is far broader than they will admit.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of