Afghan Election Chaos Grows, Abdullah Claims ‘Victory’

Talks on Election Likely to Continue Long After Inauguration

Months of trying to count the votes of the Afghan election continues to be unresolved, with front-runner Ashraf Ghani promising to break his power-sharing agreement, and rival Abdullah Abdullah, who withdrew from the count over complaints about fraud on behalf of the Ghani campaign, declaring victory outright.

The Afghan election was, as all Afghan elections are, preposterously corrupt, and the Obama Administration sought to continue the narrative of “progress” by getting the two candidates to agree to split power. That’s not going to happen, the indications are.

Indeed, indications are that Ghani will be named the winner irrespective of all the fraud evidence, and will not share power with Abdullah. Negotiations to try to “settle” the election controversy are expected to continue, even after Ghani’s inauguration.

A national unity government at this point seems a remote dream, and while Ghani insisted he would try to form an “inclusive” government, he made it clear that he would not allow a “two-headed” government, and that he believes the international community will accept the results of the elections at face value.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of