US, EU Push a New Round of Russia Sanctions

Despite Ukraine Ceasefire, War Still an Excuse for New Sanctions

With a big push from the Obama Administration, the European Union has finalized a new round of sanctions against Russia, aimed at punishing the nation for its involvement in the east Ukrainian war.

The sanctions were scheduled to cap off the latest NATO summit, but a ceasefire signed earlier today has effectively ended the war which was the pretext for the conflict.

NATO officials made it clear they weren’t supportive of the ceasefire, believing it to be a Russian trick, but Ukraine’s military’s recent losses to rebel forces seem to have tipped the scale in favor of the ceasefire, at least for now.

EU officials suggested some of the sanctions could have to be suspended if the Ukraine ceasefire holds, though the US continues to talk up imposing more and more sanctions on Russia, irrespective of what happens in Ukraine or anywhere else.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of