Ukraine Ceasefire Deal to Be Finalized Friday

Sides to Sign Bilateral Deal in Minsk

The Ukrainian government and the eastern Ukraine rebels have agreed to a Russia-brokered ceasefire, which will be signed at 7 AM EDT on Friday morning, and will be put into effect shortly thereafter.

Both sides were hedging their bets on the deal actually going through, insisting it was dependent on the other side signing the deal, but the indications are that there is serious interest on both sides this time.

Rebel officials in particular were skeptical, saying they didn’t trust the Poroshenko government to honor its deals. Rebels noted immediately after Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced his intention to sign the ceasefire, troops began shelling the rebel capital of Donetsk.

The biggest question mark over the deal in NATO, however, which has promised to bankroll the Ukrainian government to keep the war going, and several NATO leaders have been quite critical of the Russian effort to broker the peace, accusing them of “meddling” in the war-torn nation.

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