Feds Not Aware of Any Specific Threats Posed by ISIS

No Plans to Raise Terror Threat Level

After Britain’s announcement earlier in the day of an increase in their threat level, the White House says they have no plans to follow suit, and officials say there are no specific threats from ISIS right now.

Ever since the US began attacking ISIS, naturally, the risk of retaliation grew dramatically, though DHS chief Jeh Johnson says any such attack is likely to involve American citizens traveling overseas.

Even though Britain raised their own threat level, they too insisted they had no intelligence related to any particular attack, but just believe that such attacks are becoming generally more likely.

The FBI is picking up its own investigations into ISIS recruitment in Minnesota today, after reports that the latest American slain fighting for ISIS was from the same Minneapolis-area high school as the previous fighter. The two went to school together with a third jihadist, who was slain in Somalia in 2009.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.