NATO Vows ‘More Visible Presence’ in Eastern Europe

Next Week's Talks to Focus on Specifics of Deployments

Though no official announcement has yet been made on the plan, NATO officials say they are determined to “create a spearhead” pointed at Russia in Eastern Europe, that will include a substantially more “visible” presence of NATO troops there.

The plan is likely to involve putting troops in the tiny Baltic States as well as a more substantial deployment in Poland, which has been pushing hard for NATO troops for months.

The nominal impetus for this deployment is tensions in eastern Ukraine, though after many months of predicting an “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine and near daily claims of a Russian “buildup,” nothing has actually happened.

Still, NATO’s desperation to find some justification for its continued existence in a post-Cold War world has a lot of momentum, and the determination now is to start a new Cold War, by hook or by crook, and start wasting billions of dollars annually defending Eastern Europe from a threat that simply doesn’t exist.

Next week’s NATO meeting in Cardiff is expected to involve creating a specific plan for this deployment, and while there’s certainly no rush, expect nations to start sending the first troops not too long thereafter.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of