Red Cross: Aid Convoy Stalled on Russia-Ukraine Border

Convoy for East Ukraine Still in Russia, Waiting for Security Assurances

Though the Red Cross reported an agreement on the inspection of a massive Russian humanitarian aid convoy, the trucks remained stalled at the border with Ukraine, waiting for security assurances.

The security guarantees are no small matter, with Ukraine engaged in active warfare along the border and claiming the Russian aid convoy is a plot to “invade” the country.

Russian media have claimed a statement from the Ukrainian Social Policy Ministry signed an order recognizing the convoy’s cargo as humanitarian in nature, though exactly when it will be allowed in remains unclear.

Technically, the Russian part of the aid delivery is over anyhow, as after the inspection the convoy will be transferred to the Red Cross, and they will take it through the Donetsk crossing to the sieged easterners. That will only happen, however, once the Red Cross is confident Ukraine won’t blow them up.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of