NATO Would Defend Turkey From ISIS Attack

Will NATO Use Turkey as Their Ticket to Massive War?

NATO officials are reiterating their support for Turkey, a member nation, and insisting that they will use “all steps necessary” to protect them from any attack by ISIS, which now spans much of their southern border.

As a NATO member, Turkey could be a foothold to launch a massive war against ISIS, and other NATO members could use the alliance as a pretext for starting the war without parliamentary approval.

Some ISIS members have talked up expanding everywhere, including in Turkey, though one can’t help but notice that Turkey has largely supported ISIS and other Syrian rebel factions in the ongoing Syrian Civil War, and has allowed its territory to be used to funnel arms and fighters to them.

Turkey is also said to have the largest number of citizens in ISIS of any nation, with some 10% of the fighters holding Turkish citizenship. To the extent that Turkey might in the future become a target, it would be because the Turkish fighters in ISIS believe they can supplant the Erdogan government that has long been looking the other way while they use southern Turkey as a base of operations.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of