Netanyahu: Would Have Been a ‘Moral Mistake’ Not to Attack Gaza Schools

Demands World Punish Hamas for Children Israel Killed

As the world reacts with horror at footage of the carnage in the Gaza war, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was defiant, defending the massive civilian death toll of Israeli attacks as entirely “justified” and proportional.

Netanyahu went on to claim that the attacks on UN schools full of civilians were not only appropriate, but that it would have “been a moral mistake” to not attack those schools, because it would’ve given Hamas de facto permission to launch attacks from those schools.

Not attacking the schools and killing scores of innocent refugees, Netanyahu argued, “would hand an enormous victory to terrorists everywhere,” and would’ve aided groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

He went on to demand that the international community punish Hamas for “child sacrifice” charges for the 460 children Israel killed in attacks, saying that not punishing Hamas would “legitimize” them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of