Israel Calls Up 16,000 More Reservists: 86,000 Since Start of War

Military Call Ups Response to Cabinet's Order to Escalate in Gaza

The Israeli Security Cabinet gave yet another order to escalate the war in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, and the military wasted no time, ordering a call up of 16,000 more reservists to active duty to fight in Gaza.

That brings the total call ups of Israeli reservists to 86,000 since the beginning of July, with over 50 of them openly refusing to serve, releasing a letter opposing the war and conscription in general.

Roughly 5% of Israel’s total population is classified as reserve personnel, and the age of exemption varies based on a number of factors. Israel has a comprehensive system of conscription of adults.

So far, the death toll among Israelis has almost exclusively been military personnel, 56 out of 59 total killed on their side. By contrast, the victims of the strikes on Gaza are overwhelming civilians.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of