Foreign Press Complain of ‘Intimidation’ by Israel During Gaza War

FPA Complains of Official 'Incitement' Against Press

It’s a tough time to be a foreign correspondent in Israel, covering the ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip. Especially those perceived as working for “unfriendly” foreign media outlets are finding themselves under attack, sometimes literally.

Several reporters have cited intimidation from Israelis, who threaten violence against them if their coverage is not sufficiently pro-Israel, and Israel’s government openly talks about banning certain unfriendly outlets, like al-Jazeera.

The Foreign Press Association issued a statement today condemning the “official and unofficial incitement against journalists” covering the Gaza War, along with the reported Israeli military attack on al-Jazeera’s office in Gaza City.

CNN reporter Diana Magnay, who complained about threats from Israelis in Sderot watching and cheering Israeli airstrikes, was withdrawn from the country by CNN, and “deeply regretted” her complaints about them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of