UN Presses Gaza Ceasefire, But No Sign Anyone Is Listening

Hamas: Ending Blockade Is Only Goal

The UN Security Council expressed concern about civilian casualties in Israel’s ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip and has called for a ceasefire, with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the way to Cairo to try to help broker the deal.

Ban joins a lot of international officials calling for the ceasefire, but there is little sign that Israel is on board for the deal right now, nor has Egypt yet even agreed to talk to Hamas, though they did indicate some new “flexibility” on the matter.

It isn’t even clear what Israel would want as terms for ending the war, as they haven’t been very clear on their war goals. Hamas has insisted they only want one thing: the end of the Gaza Strip blockade.

The 2012 Israeli war on Gaza is likely informing Israeli officials on the ceasefire talks, as they were panned by hawks for ending that war too soon, and even if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t clear what he wants out of this war, it seems an unpopular peace deal is something he very much wants to avoid, no matter how long he has to continue a pointless war to avoid it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.