Israel Orders 100,000 Gazans Out of Homes, Raising Fear of Invasion

Israel Promises Further Escalations, But Mum on Ground Invasion

Tensions continue to rise in the Gaza Strip today, with the Israeli military ordering some 100,000 Palestinian civilians to leave their homes pending an “expansion” of the operation, which has so far consisted of airstrikes while have killed nearly 200 Gazans, mostly civilians.

Whether or not that means a full-scale ground invasion is unclear, and Israeli officials are not making their intentions clear in this regard yet, though after the recent ceasefire attempt failed, they are promising more and more escalations.

Israel has been mobilizing tens of thousands of reservists for the invasion, and the military insisted yesterday that their preparations are complete, and that they are just waiting for the cabinet to give the order.

In the meantime, the Israeli airstrikes seem to be moving on to targeting top figures in Hamas’ political wing, destroying their homes instead of the random civilian homes that were the primary target earlier in the conflict.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of