Six NATO Troops, 10 Civilians Killed in Afghan Suicide Bombing

Attack Single Deadliest So Far in 2014

The Taliban has claimed credit for a suicide bombing against the Parwan Province of Afghanistan today, killing six NATO troops from the Czech Republic, 10 Afghan civilians and two Afghan national police.

The attack targeted a medical clinic not far from the Bagram prison during an inspection by the Czech troops, who were the presumptive target of the attack. The Taliban had mistakenly claimed the troops were “Americans.”

Afghan police say the attack was the single largest attack on NATO troops so far in 2014, and confirmed the six killed, though the only NATO statement on the matter yet claimed only four slain, with the others simply wounded.

With Bagram so close, Parwan has seen its share of attacks targeting military convoys out of the base, and as NATO troops become less and less available on the ground, the Taliban has increasingly had to target Afghan government forces as the easiest available targets.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of