Abdullah Warns Against Releasing Results of Crooked Afghan Vote

Upcoming Release of 'Preliminary Results' Adds Urgency to Dispute

With the release of preliminary results expected any day now, the unresolved probe of evidence of massive ballot stuffing in Afghanistan’s presidential election is coming to a head, with front-runner Abdullah Abdullah warning against any release of results until the probes are finished.

Audio tapes revealed a top Afghan election official ordering ballot stuffing on behalf of Abdullah’s opponent, Ashraf Ghani, and several members of the election commission have resigned amid growing evidence that the near-legendary levels of fraud in previous Afghan elections were no better this time around.

While Western officials were initially eager to spin the election as having gone well, a vindication for their protracted occupation, there are growing calls for a vote audit, as it is clear the crooked election is threatening stability.

The Afghan government has been trying to downplay the situation, but today stopped short of a ban on Facebook, which some had suggested was necessary for “national unity” as Abdullah supporters flock online to complain about the vote.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.