ISIS Seizes Oilfields, Moves on Former US Air Base

Hydroelectric Dam a Major Energy Producer in Anbar Province

ISIS forces have reportedly seized several oilfields today in central Iraq, just outside of Tikrit, and have turned them over to local tribal leaders. Engineers operating the fields have fled.

The fields are connected by pipeline to the Baiji refinery, which ISIS also seized earlier this week, and could given them straightforward access to petroleum and other refined petrocarbons.

ISIS fighters are also trying to attack the Balad Airbase, formerly one of the most important US military installations in Iraq, and the nation’s largest airfield.

The next big target appears to be Haditha Dam, a huge hydroelectric dam in Anbar Province, which if seized would give ISIS not only a major electricity generator but the ability to flood nearby areas.

The Iraqi military appears to also be preparing to use the dam as a weapon, as employees inside reported the army had told them to be prepared to open the floodgates on orders.

ISIS already controls the Fallujah Dam, and used it cut off water access to Shi’ite provinces down river.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of