ISIS Seizes Iraq’s Lone Border Crossing With Jordan

Also Captures Another Syria Crossing in Anbar Province

ISIS fighters have swept further south in the Anbar Province of Iraq, seizing two more significant border crossings, including the only border post along the Iraq-Jordan border.

This is the first border crossing into Jordan that ISIS controls, and could suggest further expansion of their territorial acquisitions into that country as well. A foothold in Jordan’s far northeast could give them more access to Syrian territory as well.

The second crossing seized was the Tanf crossing into Syria, the southernmost Iraq-Syria border crossing, and one which goes through a Palestinian refugee camp.

Though not as big a crossing as Qaim, which ISIS captured yesterday, Tanf gives ISIS effective control over the whole Iraq-Syria border, except for a single crossing in the far north which is under Kurdish control.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of