Obama: ‘US Will Do Its Part’ In Iraq

Will Decide on New Military Action in Days to Come

Though the administration has been hesitant to confirm its exact military intentions toward the growing war in Iraq, President Obama’s latest pledges that America will “do its part” in the fighting indicate that US involvement is a foregone conclusion.

Obama ruled out the use of ground “combat troops” again, and vowed to make a specific decision on what he’s going to do “in the days ahead,” dubbing the al-Qaeda takeover a “threat to American interests.”

Even the promises of no “combat troops” seems to be leaving open wiggle room, as the US wasn’t considering any of its occupation forces “combat troops,” even when they engaged in combat, during the waning months of the last Iraq War.

Air strikes seemed to be the tactic of choice yesterday, but this evening the idea of using just air strikes seems to be souring among officials, who insist they can’t accomplish all of their military goals with only warplanes.

Actually deploying ground troops would be a huge and unpopular step, and it seems likely the administration will seek to portray that as a “last resort,” even as they try to build up public acquiescence for it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.