Bombers Strike Southern Iraq; 85 Killed, 189 Wounded

Several possibly coordinated bombings took place south of Baghdad today, while
clashes and shelling continued in Anbar province. The usual scattered attacks
occurred as well.


Shelling left 22
dead and 36 wounded
in Falluja. Clashes with militants left three
policemen dead and six wounded
. Seven
militants were killed
in a separate clash. A sniper killed
one civilian and wounded three more
who were trying to flee the city.

Security forces killed
seven militants and wounded 21 more
near the Syrian border in Wadi Soub.

militants were killed
at the al-Salam crossroads.

A suicide
could not get close enough to a checkpoint north of Ramadi,
so he blew himself up on the bridge, causing it to collapse.


A car bomb in a commercial area of Najaf killed
13 people and wounded 70 more

A car bomb killed
two people and wounded 10 more
in Iskandariya.

person was killed and 18 more were wounded
in a car bombing in Nasariya.

A bomb killed
one person and wounded three more
at a Mahmoudiya market.

In Mosul, gunmen killed
a commander
charged with protecting the governor. A police
commando was wounded
in an attack on his base. One
gunman was killed
in a failed attack. A soldier
was killed and another was wounded
in a clash. A bomb killed
three policemen
. Two
civilians were killed
in another blast.

people were killed and 14 more were wounded
in a suicide
at an army checkpoint in Meshahda.

In Muqdadiya, gunmen killed a
girl and wounded her father
. A bomb killed
one policeman and wounded another
. A civilian
was killed and another was wounded
in a small arms attack.

A civilian
was shot dead
in Baquba.

In Baghdad, a body
was found.

A MOI officer
was shot dead
in Basra.

A policeman
was shot dead
in Husseiniya.

In Khalis, gunmen killed a

Mortars wounded
three children
at a home in Shura.

Traffic policemen in Nineva province have refused
to work
until security is provided for them or they are folded into the
regular police ranks.