Russia Removes Most Troops From Ukraine Border, Pentagon Confirms

Admission Comes Amid Latest Pentagon Condemnation of Russia

Russian promises to end a training operation along the border with Ukraine and return the troops to base were initially condemned by the Obama Administration as lies, but the Pentagon has now admitted Russia did make good on the pledge, and “at least two thirds” of the troops have already left.

Not only have the two thirds left, but Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren says the indications are that the remaining Russian troops are “packing up and preparing to depart the border as well.”

Not that Russia can do anything to satisfy the administration, as Col. Warren’s admission came with another round of condemnations, accusing them of having “radically destabilized the situation in Ukraine,” and demanding that they stop the secessionist movement in Ukraine’s east.

Col. Warren also complained that Russia maintains troops in the Crimean Peninsula, which is neither surprising nor related to the situation in eastern Ukraine. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel confirmed with condemning Russia, insisting Russia’s military are “not where they need to be.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of