Boko Haram Kills 54 in Northern Nigeria Attacks

Largest Attack Targeted Troops, Police

Boko Haram has killed at least 54 people across northern Nigeria in multiple attacks over the past 24 hours, including a major raid on the Yobe town of Buni Yadi.

The Buni Yadi attack started late Monday night, with militants showing up in an APC and several pickup trucks, firing in the air until the military and police showed up, and then killing 45 security personnel.

In addition, multiple villages were attacked in Borno State. As with past attacks, the Boko Haram fighters burned the villages to the ground, while most of the villagers managed to flee before the attacks started.

Nine people were killed in the village attacks, and Boko Haram raised white flags over the sites with Arabic lettering on them. Boko Haram has been increasingly active across the north over the past several months.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of