What Happened to CIA Torture Report? Senate in the Dark Too

Senators Impatient as Release Stalls

The Senate’s high-profile summary of a 6,600-page CIA torture report was supposed to be released by now, at least in a redacted form. It hasn’t been, and no one in the Senate seems sure why.

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted over a month ago to make the report’s summary public, and that sent the whole thing to the White House, which said it was “consulting” with the CIA on what redactions would have to be made.

That was controversial enough, with many in the CIA trying to kill the report outright, and the Senate urging the White House to hand the task to someone more neutral. They refused, and that’s where the situation has stood.

Yet not only have the CIA not tried to push through a ridiculously heavily redacted version, they seemingly haven’t done anything at all with the summary, giving the appearance that they’re hoping the Senate will just forget.

Senators haven’t forgotten, and say they are growing impatient at the inaction, while those senators who opposed the release defended the delay on “national security” grounds, and predicted it would be a long time before anything comes out.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.