Romania Wants ‘Long Term’ US Presence

Says Move Would Promote Stability in Region

Most of the pressure for additional US deployments recently have centered around nations that share a border with the Ukraine, with nations like Poland and Latvia arguing for “protection” while eying the presumptive aid increases that would come with US deployments.

Not to be outdone, Romania is now joining the call for a “long-term US presence,” saying it would promote stability throughout the Black Sea region after the recent annexation of Crimea. There are already 1,600 US troops in Romania on a temporary basis.

Romania’s own justification for being “at risk” makes no more sense than any other NATO member nation, and in addition to bordering Ukraine they are hyping the fact that they border Moldova.

Moldova isn’t at war with Russia either, but Romania pushed the idea that after the Ukraine war everyone in NATO is predicting, Russia might conceivably hit Moldova.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of