Rebel Offensive Threatens Syria’s Remaining Chemical Stockpile

Deadline Missed Because Last Chemicals in a 'Contested Area'

More details on Syria’s attempts to finalize its chemical weapons disarmament have emerged today, revealing that the tiny fraction of its stockpile yet to be exported is more or less stuck right now amid a rebel offensive.

Though officially the location of the chemicals is a closely guarded secret, the indications are that the remaining chemicals are at Sayqal Air Base, not far east of Yabroud.

While the military had briefly expelled the rebels from Yabroud and the surrounding area, in recent days they’ve been making inroads not far from the base, and the outskirts of the base are “very contested.”

So while the Obama Administration accuses Syria of “stalling,” the reality is that the remnant of their stockpile is in the middle of a battlefield, and not so easy to transport to the coast.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of