Protesters Seize Govt Buildings Across E. Ukraine; Govt Blames Russia

Protesters in Donetsk Demand Independence Referendum

After a couple of weeks of relative calm, the unrest in Eastern Ukraine looks to be exploding again today, with thousands of protesters waving Russian flags condemning the “illegal junta in Kiev” in three major eastern cities.

The protesters seized government buildings in each city, most notably in the key industrial city of Donetsk, where they are now demanding a referendum on secession from Ukraine and accession into Russia.

Ukraine’s interim government in vowing to crack down on the protests to “restore order” to the border region, and are blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the demonstrators.

Donetsk and the surrounding area was overwhelming supportive of the ruling Party of Regions, forced out by pro-West protests, and elected President Yanukovych, now in exile in Russia, was born just outside of Donetsk.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of