Ballots Destroyed as Bombs Target Afghan Vote Count

Count Could Take Weeks for Remaining Ballots

Yesterday’s Afghan Presidential vote went almost shockingly smoothly, but as the infrastructure-poor nation’s ballots are sent on the long, arduous, mostly donkey-carried trek toward being counted, it is clear there is still time for the Taliban to interfere.

Already a roadside bomb in the Kunduz Province has killed a pair of election workers and destroyed four polling stations worth of ballots, which were never counted and now never will be.

The BBC’s relatively optimistic estimate of the process believe it will take at least a week to collect and count all the ballots. Others suggested it could take as long as six weeks to make the dangerous trek to Kabul and get counted.

Afghanistan’s elections are already in considerable doubt, with most of the international observers fleeing the country before the vote, and the nation’s history one of near-legendary corruption. Now, the destruction of ballots could play a major role in the results as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of