Afghans Defy US, Will Free 88 ‘Dangerous’ Prisoners

Review Board: Still No Evidence to Warrant Detentions

The Afghan Review Board backed off for a few days on releasing the 88 detainees from Bagram that the US insisted were particularly dangerous, but now say that they still don’t have any evidence warranting keeping them, and that they must be let go.

The Pentagon has angrily been pushing against their release, saying the review board was never meant to have the power to let anyone go, and was supposed to choose between sending detainees for prosecution or ordering further investigations to look for evidence against them.

Since the handover of Bagram, the Afghan government has been reviewing the evidence against detainees, and has released some 85% of those reviewed so far, 650 people, saying none of them had any real evidence against them.

The 88 detainees were said to be “particularly dangerous” by the US, but the Review Board appears to have only the military’s word for it, since neither the US nor the Karzai government has produced anything amounting to evidence against any of them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of