Senators: CIA Deliberately Misleading Public on Torture Report

Seek Declassification of Secret Report to Set the Record Straight

Three years, $40 million and 6,000+ pages later, the report on CIA torture and secret prisons during the Bush era is still stuck in the declassification process, with CIA officials fighting the Senators calling for its release.

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D – NM) is leading the call in urging the full declassification of the report to prevent the manipulation of public opinion. The CIA insists they are working on it, but that they’d reported “significant errors” in the report.

Which is just flat out untrue, according to the Senators in charge of the review. Heinrich says the CIA pointed out one minor factual error, and its already been corrected. Rather, he believes the CIA is deliberately trying to mislead the public about the contents of the report with its statements.

Heinrich says the factual contents of the report aren’t in dispute, and the CIA rather objects to the conclusions drawn by the Senate. He insists it is unreasonable to call those “errors,” and its doubly problematic since the report and the disagreements are over a secret report no one else is getting to see.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of