Obama Aims to Calm Israeli Fury at Prospect of Iran Deal

Netanyahu Condemns 'Bad Deal' That Hasn't Been Made Yet

Negotiating a long, complicated rapprochement with Iran seems like a full time job all on its own, but the Obama Administration is also finding keeping Israel from flying off the handle at the prospect of a deal even more challenging.

President Obama had to call Prime Minister Netanyahu again to reassure him of America’s “commitment,” even though Secretary of State John Kerry was just there doing the exact same thing, and a big focus seems to be just convincing Netanyahu not to angrily condemn deals that aren’t even finished being made yet.

That was followed up by the White House issuing a somewhat annoyed statement saying it was “premature” to condemn the deal as bad since it isn’t even finalized.

Netanyahu, for his part, seems inconsolable, insisting that the deal, whatever it is, is a bad one, and reiterating threats of war on the eve of the historic pact.

Even the Israeli press is beginning to express concern at Netanyahu’s anti-diplomacy bend, fearing that it is becoming apparent that no deal is good enough to satisfy the Israeli government, which would mean there’s no real reason to pay attention to their complaining at all.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.