Roadside Bomb Kills 20 Afghan Civilians on Way to Wedding

Minibus Hit Roadside Bomb in Ghazni Province

At least 20 people are dead today, including 14 women and a child, in the Afghanistan province of Ghazni after their minibus hit a roadside bomb.

The bus was unlikely to be the intended target, and just happened upon the bomb on its way to a wedding party. No group has claimed responsibility but the Taliban is presumably to blame.

The Andar District, where the blast occurred, has a significant Taliban presence, and they regularly plant roadside bombs in an attempt to hit military convoys in the area.

As with a lot of the tactics on both sides of the seemingly endless war, civilians have paid a heavy toll in the areas where their use are common, and civilian casualties remain enormous nationwide.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of