US to Cut Some Military Aid to Egypt

Announcement Will Cover 'Nonessential' Military Aid

The Obama Administration is planning to announce a temporary cut in military aid to Egypt’s junta, according to officials familiar with the situation. The move appears to be the result of repeated violent crackdowns against protesters calling for the restoration of the elected government.

Details of exactly what will be cut remains to be seen, though the official said it would cover “most nonessential” aid to the junta, and would likely cover a significant portion of the $1.2 billion in annual US subsidy, with journalist Laura Rozen reporting “delaying delivery of some major weapons systems, namely F16s & Apaches.”

Under US law, the Obama Administration was obliged to suspend all aid to the junta after the July coup, but refused to do so. Repeated massacres of protesters have garnered vague expressions of “concern” from the administration, but this would represent the first major move on the president’s part.

It’s likely to spurn an angry condemnation from Israel, as well, since the Israeli government has declared democracy and human rights in Egypt to be of relatively minor consequence compared to the “stability” of military rule.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of