State Dept: Govt Shutdown Threatens Military Aid to Israel

$3.1 Billion in Annual Aid Could Be Stalled

Officials at all government agencies are trying to play up the “serious” impact that the partial federal government shutdown is having, and while the vast majority of Americans are seeing literally no actual effects, the State Department is hoping to coax Congress back to the table by playing the Israel card.

According to the State Department’s spokeswoman Marie Harf today, the department hasn’t had to have any furloughs of employees but that it is “not just business as usual.”

Harf warned that if the shutdown was prolonged, the $3.1 billion in annual military gifts to Israel could be delayed a bit, falling out of the “time frame that is expected” by Israel’s government.

Harf went on to say that “there are programs certainly that are affected, and which all could be up and running again if Congress could get some business done.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of