Kerry Still Pushing for Syria War, Says US Won’t Wait Long

Claims Syria Will 'Become Afghanistan' Without Strikes

Though President Obama is now talking up a delayed war vote, Secretary of State John Kerry seems undeterred in his quest to attack Syria, and spent another day pushing the war to everyone who would listen.

Kerry seemed to accept that the chemical weapons deal that he proposed yesterday is going to advance, but appeared unhappy about it, saying that Congress needs to move forward with the war vote and the US “won’t wait for very long” on the conflict.

Kerry also insisted that Syria’s promise to declare its stockpiles and sign the Chemical Weapons Convention didn’t go nearly far enough, and warned that without a war Syria would become like Afghanistan.

He argued that the US strikes were vital and that the US needed to increase aid to the rebels, declaring that if Assad wins Syria could give rise to terrorist groups “worse” than al-Qaeda.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of