US Ready to ‘Go It Alone’ as Partners Drop Out of Syria War

Coalition of the Willing May Just Mean France

Once outspoken advocates of an internationalist perspective on foreign policy, the Obama Administration is now indicating their willingness to “go it alone” in attacking Syria, since virtually no one else seems to have jumped on the bandwagon like they’d hoped.

No one expected the UN to endorse the war, but there’s also no NATO endorsement, and even the Arab League is backing away from military action. Even Britain, the first nation on board, is now likely to be absent at the start of the war, since parliament wants proof of the allegations.

Even Jordan, which has been letting the US host rebel training bases in its territory, is spurning involvement in the war, cautioning the US against using its territory for the war.

The “coalition of the willing” for the Syrian War is now looking precariously small, and may just be down to France, which has so far insisted it is still on board with the attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of