Syrian Rebels Demand Israeli Support for US War

Syria Could Target Israel When Attacks Begin

Israel hasn’t exactly made a secret about its desire to see the US impose regime change in Syria, seeing the ouster of President Assad in favor of al-Qaeda dominated jihadists as really sticking it to Iran.

Still, Syrian rebel leaders say that Israel needs to stop being even nominally neutral, and must loudly endorse the planned US attack on Syria, if it wants to retain good relations with the post-war rebel government.

Of course “good relations” is a relative term, but it’s hard to imagine a violent Salafist regime being okay with Israel’s open-ended occupation of the Golan Heights simply because Israel endorsed the US war that installed them. Still, President Shimon Peres is already calling for UN intervention and forced disarmament.

The perception of Israeli involvement, especially since Israel has flat out attacked Syria several times in the past few months, is already clear in the Assad government’s mind, and officials say that Israel should expect to “come under fire” when the US attacks begin.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of