Officials: Al-Qaeda Can Turn Ordinary Clothes Into Bombs

Secret Liquid Responsible for Transformational Threat

Unnamed US officials are being quoted in the media today claiming that al-Qaeda has invented some sort of near-magical liquid that is capable of turning ordinary clothing into powerful, wearable explosives that are entirely undetectable.

The officials quoted declined to offer details on how this transformative capability was even hypothetically possible given what we know about chemistry, saying only that it was “ingenious” of al-Qaeda to have done so.

The reports claim that the clothing need only be dipped in the liquid a single time, and upon drying the clothes themselves become explosive somehow. It is unclear if the clothing is related to the ongoing terror plot, or is just something else al-Qaeda came up with on the side.

The clothing bombs are just the latest in a growing number of potential AQAP techniques, which also include sewing bombs into peoples’ underpants and potentially surgically implanting bombs inside of people. Both of those techniques would seem obsolete, however, if al-Qaeda can simply make the underpants themselves into a powerful bomb.

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