Senators’ Letter Demands More Iran Sanctions, Blasts Diplomacy

Demand More Emphasis on Attacking Iran

An overwhelming majority (76) of US Senators have co-signed a letter to President Obama, warning against a new round of diplomacy with Iranian President Hassan Rohani, insisting they were just an attempt to “stall for time.”

In contrast to the administration’s tepid support for diplomacy, the letter lays out materially the same position as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, insisting that it is time to tell Iran that the window for diplomacy “is coming to an end.”

Instead of talks, the Senators urged the US to immediately announce a large number of new sanctions against Iran, and to “reinforce the credibility of our option to use military force” against the nation.

This of course echoes repeated calls from Netanyahu for the US to focus its efforts on threatening Iran much more often than it already does. That the letter got in excess of a supermajority for that position in the Senate underscores the overwhelming opposition within the US government to real efforts at negotiation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of