Report: US Sees Israel Likely to Attack Syria Again

Unclear if US Will Endorse Strike

Israel’s July 5 attack on the Syrian coastal base of Latakia has yet to be openly acknowledged by the Israeli government, but was outed by unknown sources within the Obama Administration.

According to new reports, the attack wasn’t particularly successful, and didn’t destroy nearly all the stuff Israel was hoping to destroy. That has led to a belief that Israel will likely launch additional attacks.

Or at least, they want to. The wildcard in all of this is that acknowledgement of the attack by US officials, which some say may amount to a de facto warning that the administration isn’t prepared to endorse additional strikes.

That’s only a theory, of course. The Obama Administration has been on board with previous attacks unconditionally, and they clearly don’t care about Israel precipitating a war with Syria. The only conceivable concern is Russia’s support for Syria, and the Russian promises to send anti-aircraft missiles to Syria to defend against future attacks. That promise led to Israeli threats to sink Russian military ships, which could be a much bigger war than the US is prepared to go along with.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of