US Touts Egypt ‘Democracy’ After Coup

Obama Administration 'Ambivalent' on Regime Change

The Obama Administration continues to champion a bizarre vision of “democracy” in Egypt today, after several days of condemning President Morsi in the midst of a military coup that has now forcibly removed him from power.

The official response from the US has suggested extreme ambivalence about the ouster of the Morsi government, which they never seemed to care for in the first place, and its replacement with a series of seat-fillers to provide cover for the new junta.

“There’s some relief about Morsi being gone from the scene,” admitted Rep. Gerald Connolly (D – VA), and while the US isn’t officially comfortable with a military dictatorship, they seem just fine with it so long as they don’t have to use the word “coup” anywhere in their speeches.

Still, the US keeps trumpeting “democracy” and freedom of speech in Egypt, and that is ringing awfully hollow in the wake of an overt military takeover and the mass arrest of former political leaders without even the pretext of charges against them.

In the end the US holds some leverage with its huge $1.5 billion aid package, and under US law would be obliged to suspend that in the event of a coup. In practice though, the Obama Administration has shown a willingness to look the other way, and with no one believing the aid is in real jeopardy the junta is in practice able to do what it wants.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of