Federal Judge Throws Out Abu Ghraib Torture Lawsuit

Torture by US Company Working for US Government Not a US Concern

US District Court Judge Gerald Bruce Lee has thrown out the lawsuit brought by four Iraqi torture victims against CACI International, the company that tortured them, saying the US courts lacked jurisdiction over the matter.

The four detainees were tortured by CACI employees at the notorious Abu Ghraib, while the company was working for the US government. Despite this, Lee insisted that previous court rulings saying foreign violations must “touch and concern” the US were not sufficient to allow the case to continue.

Lee went on to reject the notion of lawsuits based on things that happened during the US occupation of Iraq in general, saying that there was “inconclusive” evidence to conclude that the US had “de facto sovereignty.”

CACI cheered the ruling, saying they hoped this would be the end of the “baseless” lawsuits aimed at holding them accountable for the torture their employees were involved in.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.