Arms Smuggling Fuels Syrian Rebel Infighting

Rivalries Slow Shipments, as Shipments Grow Rivalries

Arming the Syrian rebels is a complicated process, in no small part because of just how many different rebel factions there are, and how many of them are in open conflict with one another.

But those familiar with the past shipments say the rivalries are only worsened by the arms shipments, with every faction feeling they were unfairly short-changed because of another group.

Smuggling the weapons in relies on cooperation from several different groups, and every time more weapons come in, those groups are more and more at odds. And this was just with the arms from Saudi Arabia and others.

As the US looks to dramatically increase the flow of heavy weapons into the country, the problem will just grow all the more serious. Far from being a rallying point for the divided rebels, the US arms will just further divide them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of