Multiple Israeli Overflights Reported in Southern, Eastern Lebanon

Lebanese Officials Say Sunday Overflights 'Most Intense' in Recent Period

Lebanese officials reported a large number of Israeli warplane overflights on Sunday, with the bulk of the planes overflying the southern part of the country and others flying near Baalbek, along the Syrian frontier.

Israeli warplanes violating Lebanese airspace are a regular occurrence, but officials say that the Sunday flights were much more aggressive and intense than other recent incidents.

Israel has been using Lebanese airspace to launch attacks on Syria, and the most recent strikes came with similar reports of increased activity, though at the moment there is no indication that a new round of strikes is imminent.

Potentially also of note are the reports of overflights focusing on the area around Baalbek, as the area was also the site of a major clash between Hezbollah fighters and Syrian rebels overnight.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of